brox´dogs- your professional pet groomer
i do offer pick up service from panzer, patch and kelley barracks

how does it work?

i pick your dog up in the morning (panzer by 7 am, patch by 7:30 am and kelley by 8 am)

then i take him/her to my store, i don´t crate the dogs, if your dog doesn´t like other dogs or is scared he/she will be in a big playpen.

at the end of the day i return your fur baby back to the gate ( kelley by 4/4:15, patch by 4:30 and panzer by 5 pm)

are there any extra costs for that service?

yes, i charge 5 euro/dog as an additional fee to the grooming fee

whats the rules?

please make sure your dog get a good walk before pick up and does its business

no retractable leashes for dogs over 20 lbs

no girls in heat or sick dogs

no puppies under 6 month

please be in time, my schedule is so tight that i´m not able to wait any longer than a few min